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"This app helped me because I would just open it in the morning and I would have everything compiled into one place. Even if it’s a small thing like reminding yourself to submit an assignment or text someone, it would be really easy."


"With this app, I’m finishing my homework quicker and I'm procrastinating less. Overall, I’m less stressed out by school because I’m getting all my homework done on time and I have more time for me."



"I enjoyed using the app because it helped me a lot with organizing not only schoolwork but also for things outside of school. This app has definitely help me piece together and create a really nice schedule of when and what to do. My time management has gotten a lot better thanks to this app."


"I think GetTime's a great app and a great way to make sure you have a grip on your life and that you’re getting everything done on time...The timer really anchors me to a task and alleviates the stress of me doing the task. I feel like this app has a great overview...where it helps you focus on what’s overdue and what’s coming up."

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"One thing that I really enjoyed about GetTime is its ability to track long-term projects. When the timer goes off, it has the option for me to click 'finished' or 'unfinished' so that if I do choose unfinished, I can see that progress has been made, but the task is not completely finished. This is something that my old planning system would not do for me."


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